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Safia Minney

Safia Minney is a British social entrepreneur and author who founded People Tree, a pioneering sustainable and Fair Trade fashion label.


She began her career in marketing, where she realised that she could use her skills for social good by raising awareness of social and environmental issues. After moving to Japan where she worked for Amnesty International, she decided to focus on expanding environmental awareness and Fair Trade. Minney started Global Village, which campaigned on environmental issues.


In order to further promote sustainable living, Minney compiled a list of ‘green businesses’ that could be supported, and Global Village branched out into designing and selling Fair Trade products, which evolved into the pioneering ethical and Fair Trade label, People Tree. Minney was determined that her company would ensure workers rights as well as protecting the environment. Her first collection of clothing was made in co-ordination with Bangladeshi women using their traditional hand woven materials with eco-friendly and natural dyes. People Tree is the first international clothing company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation Fair Trade product label, which guarantees that the company is dedicated to the Principles of Fair Trade, covering fair wages, working conditions, transparency, capacity building, environmental best practice, gender equality and setting standards for conventional fashion companies to improve their supply chains. People Tree were also the first to launch a clothing range which met the Global Organic Textile Standard certified by the Soil Association.


Minney has initiated World Fair Trade Day, Rag Rage and is a Founder member of Ethical Fashion Forum, Fashion Revolution and Strawberry Earth Academy promoting Eco Design. She is recognised by the World Economic Forum as an Outstanding Social Entrepreneur and has brought sustainable livelihoods and social welfare to over 5000 economically marginalised farmers, artisans and tailors. She is currently Managing Director of ethical footwear brand, Po-Zu.