Grace Jones

This weeks Illustrated Women in History was submitted by Roberta Fidora @robertafidora. It is part of the Illustrated Women in History III zine which is available here

To many, Grace Jones is notorious for whacking an etiquette-challenged chat show host and being the muse of many a photographer, fashion designer and artist, but her work as an actress, musician and stunning visual icon continues to be criminally underrated and under acknowledged by her mainstream imitators. Then there is the same journalistic cliche of referring to Grace as an eccentric “diva”, which belittles the achievements of someone who has consistently brought innovation, danger, elegance and authority to sound and screen.

In the words of Grace, “I am not a diva, I am a Jones!”

Roberta Fidora is an illustrator, hoarder and musician ( living on the Isle of Wight. Always outnumbered, never outpunned. For more wonky drawings of her record collection, please visit

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