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Elsie Inglis

This weeks Illustrated Women in History was submitted by Rachel Nesbitt.

Elsie Inglis

Born 16th August 1864 in India, then moved to Edinburgh with her Father.

She was a medical doctor as well as a suffrage campaigner.

In 1887 Inglis started her studies at the Edinburgh School of Medicine for Women, then at the University of Glasgow. She later moved to London to work as a surgeon at the New Hospital for Women.
In 1894 she came back to Edinburgh where she opened a practice and hall of residence for women who were studying medicine. She then went on to open up the Medical College for Women.

When the First World War struck, she was a pioneer for the Scottish women’s hospitals abroad, mainly in Serbia and Russia.

Inglis was a Suffrage campaigner in Scotland, becoming secretary of the Scottish Federation of Women’s Suffrage Societies, amongst others. She was known to speak at up to four meetings a week throughout the country.

She died on 26th November 1917.

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