Poison Ivy

This weeks Illustrated Woman in History was illustrated by Jabe Nicholls @xeros-junkyard , who explains her choice below. 

“I chose Poison Ivy from the Cramps as I recently got into their music and as a guitar player I wanted to find out more about her playing but there just wasn’t much around. Turns out none of the guitar magazines etc at the time took her seriously. I read one interview where the journo was talking to Lux Interior ( The singer) , finished his interview, hung up and started typing it up. Then the phone rang and it was Ivy “ You had a guitar question? ” and then he did a second interview where Ivy just talked about everything guitar cause no-one had actually asked her before. I think because she’s not technically flashy, but that’s what I like. Also she was co-writer / producer and her & Lux created a new sub genre ( Psychobilly) and people are hating on the rock’n’roll hall of fame cause they ain’t in it – they’ve influenced a heck of a lot of Bands, Queens of The Stone Age & Jack White are two I saw mention them recently.”

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