Lady Arbella Stuart

This week’s Illustrated Women in History was submitted by Nisha Woolford. It will be included in the Women in History 2019 zine which will be out next month!

Lady Arbella Stuart was once considered as a strong successor to Queen Elizabeth I’s throne. She was raised and trained to be a Queen, trapped in Hardwick Hall with her power-hungry Grandmother, Bess of Hardwick. She dreamed and longed for marriage as her only way of escape, but numerous arrangements fell through. When King James took the throne, she was invited to court, although she was well-received, she found the tone to be ‘ridiculous’ and ‘wicked’. In June 1610 Arbella married William Seymour in secret, this threatening marriage was forbidden and Arbella was placed under house arrest. An escape was attempted when she dressed as a man and set sail for France, however she was discovered and sent to the Tower of London. Arbella stayed there until she starved herself to death in 1615, the lost Queen of England was denied a royal funeral and her body was placed in the vault of her Aunt, Mary Queen of Scots, in Westminster Abbey.