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Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher: A Tribute

“When someone famous dies, no matter how well you feel you know them, it’s near impossible to do justice to their memory. You might’ve seen every Star Wars movie a hundred times over; you might’ve memorised Carrie’s lines in When Harry Met Sally; Carrie’s characters might feel like old friends. Nonetheless, our experience of her is only the tiniest sliver of who she was. It is a great loss that we couldn’t know her better. Carrie Fisher is sort of unique in the fact that she gave us the gift of brave, honest discussion about her mental illness and addiction. We were able to know her a little better because of it, and I feel certain that her words were a lifeline for many. Carrie Fisher was hilarious. She tweeted incessantly about her dog Gary (her service dog, who supported her through her struggle with bipolar disorder), about politics (she openly scoffed at the absurdity of Donald Trump) and mental health. Carrie made people feel understood, and then she made us laugh. ” 

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